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Hf isotopic compositions of the standard zircons for U-Pb dating   总被引:49,自引:4,他引:45       下载免费PDF全文
Zircon, a common accessory mineral in various kindsof rocks, is an important subject for U-Pb isotopic dating.With requirements for high spatial resolution with highprecision and accuracy, SHRIMP (Sensitive High Resolu-tion Ion Micro Probe) and LA-ICPMS (Laser AblationInductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry) nowserve as the important tools in zircon U-Pb dating. Sinceboth methods need standard zircon for external age cali-bration, an ideal standard zircon is critical for obtai…  相似文献
Neoproterozoic magmatic activity and global change   总被引:35,自引:10,他引:25       下载免费PDF全文
Neoproterozoic is a very important time in the history of the Earth, during which occurred supercontinent breakup, low-latitude glaciation, and biotic diversification.These concern a series of interdisciplinary studies involving ancient plate motion, climate change and life evolution, resulting in many forefront topics of general interest in the earth sciences. These include exact ages bracketing the Cryogenian System and glaciations, initial age and lasted duration of supercontinent breakup, dynamic reconstruction of China continents in supercontinental configurations, the nature of rift magmatism and extent of hydrothermal alteration, paleoclimatic implication of water-rock interaction and Iow-^18O magmatism, and relationship between supercontinental evolution and global change. A number of outstanding advances in the above aspects have being made by Chinese scientists, leaving many important issues to be resolved: (1)did the Cryogenian start at either 800 to 820 Ma or 760 to 780 Ma? (2) was South China in the supercontinental configuration located in either southeast to Australia or north to India? (3) are Paleoproterozoic to Archean ages of crustal rocks a valid parameter in distinguishing North China from South China? Available observations suggest that Neoproterozoic mantle superwelling occurred as conspicuous magmatism in South China but as cryptical magmatism in North China. Mid-Neoproterozoic mantle superplume event and its derived rift-magmatism would not only result in the supercontinental demise, but also play a very important role in the generation and evolution of the snowball Earth event by initiating the global glaciation, causing the local deglaciation and terminating the snowball Earth event.  相似文献
The paleo oceanenvironmentalchangeduringthePrecambrian Cambriantransitionisakeyissuere latedtothecausesforanexplosiveradiationofdiffer entmetazoanphyladuringtheEarlyCambrianera .Thechemicalandisotopiccompositionsofmarinesed iments (carbonates ,phosphorites ,siliceousrocks ,andblackshales)recordthechangingcompositionandphysicalconditionsoftheseawaterinwhichtheserocksaccumulated .Organiccarbon richblackshalesfrommarineenvironmentsarecommonlyenrichedinanumberoftraceelementssuchasNi,Mo ,V ,Co ,…  相似文献
华南武夷山早古生代构造事件的^40Ar/^39Ar同位素年龄研究   总被引:26,自引:1,他引:25  
华南武夷山地区广泛发育一套强烈韧性剪切变形的中、高级变质岩系,其新生矿物白云母非常普遍.对武夷山南麓政和县蝴碟街大理岩和北麓弋阳县慈竹片麻状花岗岩中的动力变质矿物白云母进行40Ar/39Ar法同位素测年,分别获得391±3Ma和421±8Ma的坪年龄值,以及385±5Ma和422±6Ma的等时线年龄值,时代相当于志留纪末到泥盆纪初.结合地质证据,认为武夷山地区存在过一期早古生代沉积作用和早古生代末期的构造热事件.至少有一期的强烈韧性剪切变形和糜棱岩化作用是该构造事件所导致  相似文献
利用DCTA和HIBA快速有效分离Rb-Sr、Sm-Nd的方法   总被引:21,自引:0,他引:21  
介绍了一种新的Rb_Sr、Sm_Nd化学分离方法,以用于地质样品的同位素测试.方法选用AG50W×8阳离子交换树脂,并先后采用不同的淋洗剂进行分离提纯.首先用常规方法使用盐酸作为淋洗剂将Rb_Sr和REE分开并与其它大部分元素分离,然后使用DCTA和嘧啶的混合溶液(D.P.E.)作为淋洗剂分离Rb和Sr,使用HIBA作为淋洗剂在很小体积(0.6mL)的阳离子交换树脂中分离Sm和Nd.使用这样的分离方法可以有效的将一些干扰离子(如Mg、Ca、Ba)和Sr分离,同时使用该分离方法可以提高分离效率,缩短分离时间,减少试剂用量,降低实验过程空白.用该方法分离国际玄武岩标样BCR_2后的Sr同位素测试结果(87Sr/86Sr=0.705018±3)和Nd同位素测试结果(143Nd/144Nd=0.512616±9)与已经报道的测试结果基本一致,说明本次研究采用的新分离方法效果良好.  相似文献
High-precision major element and Hf isotope data are reported for the Neoproterozoic Suxiong volcanic rocks along the western margin of the Yangtze Block. These volcanic rocks have variable εHf(T) values and Fe/Mn ratios. The relatively primitive basalts have high Fe/Mn ratios and high Hf-Nd isotopic compositions, indicating that they were generated by partial melting of garnet clinopyroxene in mantle plume at high pressure. Thus, the Suxiong basalts are genetically related to the proposed Neoproterozoic superplume. On the contrary, a few differentiated basalts have low Fe/Mn ratios and low Hf-Nd isotopic compositions. They are likely to experience assimilation-fractional crystallization process. The Suxiong rhyolites have consistent Hf and Nd model ages of 1.3-1.4 Ga. They are likely generated by shallow dehydration melting of pre-existing young arc igneous rocks associated with the basaltic underplating/intrusion in a continental rift.  相似文献
甘肃北山地区同位素定年与构造岩浆热事件   总被引:19,自引:1,他引:18  
在面积约100000Km~2的甘肃北山地区,共搜集同位素年龄数据216个,其中22个是本次测定的。依据这些资料做了年龄频谱图和地质环境一岩浆热事件综合示意图,从这些结果中可以得出以下看法:1.哈萨克斯坦板块的东端前寒武纪褶皱基底以微大陆的形式延入了本区,即本区有两大构造单元—塔里木板块和哈萨克斯坦板块。2.虽然有30多属燕山期的表现年龄,但从年龄频谱的骤然下落和野外复查表明,这些是后期岩脉和矿脉的年龄,而不是大规模岩浆活动的记录,即本区没有燕山期的大规模的岩浆活动。3.从加里东到印支期的每一构造岩浆旋回中,岩浆活动似有滞后现象,甚至延至下一个旋回,很可能这种滞后具有普遍意义。4.在每一构造单元内,大陆边缘区、过渡壳区和海洋区的喷发、侵入及变质作用也不尽相同。海洋区内喷发作用强于侵入和变质作用,而大陆边缘区侵入作用强于变质和喷发作用。  相似文献
U-Pb dating for fifty-six detrltsl zircons from a paragneiss in Nanxiong area, northern Guangdong Province, Indicates that the latest Neoproterozoic sediments in Cathaysia hinterland are composed of numerous Grenvillian and Necerchaean clasUc materials, as well as some Mesoproterozolc detritus. Minor Paleoarchaean (3.76 Ga) and Mesoarchaean (3.0-3.2 Ga) zircons, which are the oldest zircons In South China, also are firstly found in the sediments, suggesting that the Cathaysia Block may contsln very old materials. The Hf isotope compositions of thirty-seven zircons reveal that these clastlc materials have different origins. Minor zircons crystslllzed from magma generated from relatively juvenile crust, while the parental magma of most zircons was derived from ancient crust. Integration of U-Pb dating and Hf Isotope analysis of these zircons suggests that the generation of juvenile crust in the Cathaysia block mainly occurred at 2.5-2.6 Ga. Mesoarchaean (3.0-3.3 Ga), late Paleoproterozolc (-1.8 Ga) and Paleoarchaean (-3.7 Ga) may also be important episodes of crustal growth. Grenvllllan magmatism is extremely Intense, but it mainly involved recycling of ancient crustal components with little formation of Juvenile crust. The marked presence of -2.1 Ga Hf model ages and the absence of the zircons with crystsllizatlon ages at -2.1 Ga suggest that the parental magma of many zircons was probably derived from the mixed source consisting of Neoarchaean and late Paleoproterozoic materlals.  相似文献
以岩石结构分析为基础,结合自云石有序度和Sr含量及Sr同位素等资料,对川东北下三叠统飞仙关组广泛发育的白云岩成因进行研究,从中识别出准同生白云岩和埋藏白云岩两种成因类型.其中具有储集意义的仅为多期次埋藏交代成因的成岩白云岩,包括鲕粒白云岩和晶粒白云岩两种主要结构类型.综合成岩埋藏白云岩的结构与有序度和Sr含量及Sr同位素地球化学特征,可将埋藏白云化过程划分为早、中、晚三个成岩阶段.各阶段储层白云岩的岩石结构虽然有显著的差别,但微量元素Sr含量和Sr同位素地球化学特征具有明显的相似性与周源性,不仅显示了埋藏白云化流体为具备早三叠世海水Sr同位素组成特征的海源地层水而与大气淡水无关,同时反映了多期次的埋藏白云化作用是发生在继承性发展演化的过程中的和相对封闭的体系中,因此,对储层的发育和天然气的聚集成藏都非常有利.  相似文献
德兴铜厂斑岩铜矿流体过程   总被引:15,自引:2,他引:13  
从德兴斑岩铜矿床中蚀变矿物、包裹体记录及同位素组成的时空变化,示踪成矿热液流体来源、演化过程及迁移途径。氧、锶同位素空间变化表明,虽然与铜厂斑岩铜矿成矿过程有关的热液流体至少有3种,包括高温岩浆流体、来自深部围岩的非岩浆流体和大气降水,但是起主导作用的是岩浆流体。岩浆流体通过沸腾作用或不混溶作用而形成,它携带成矿物质从深部向上部及边部迁移、聚集,并在演化过程中引起围岩蚀变和金矿矿化。铜厂地区存在着两种不同成因的伊利石,热液成因的伊利石以1M型、结晶度较差的含膨胀层为特征,而沉积浅变质成因的伊利石以2M1型、结晶度完好和不含膨胀层为特征,而且前在空间上分布在离接触带不到2km的范围内,从而指示了热液流体活动的空间规模。Nd、Sr同位素在空间上的变化则表明,在成矿流体作用过程中,Nd同位素相对稳定,斑岩的εNd变化在-0.76--3.60范围内,表明岩浆系壳-幔混合来源。而Sr同位素初始比由斑岩体内部向围岩接触带则呈有规律升高带附近富集而成的。  相似文献
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